Bamboo Mozu Hanger with buttoned down dress shirt

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Two Materials. One Innovative Design.

The Mozu Hanger is a beautiful, slim, earth-friendly hanger with an innovative notch that eliminates the stretching of collars. Available in both bamboo and wheat straw materials, the Mozu Hanger can revolutionize the way you hang your clothes.

Wheat Straw Hangers

Our wheat straw hanger is significantly lighter and thinner than our bamboo hanger, while being strong, flexible, and highly durable. The wheat straw material is made from an agricultural bi-product and it is a great biodegradable alternative to conventional plastic hangers.


Bamboo Hangers

Our bamboo hanger is made from highly renewable 3-ply laminated bamboo. It offers a beautiful aesthetic and it provides exceptional strength and durability. Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet and it does not require the use of pesticides to grow.


Buttoned dress shirt being removed from the wheat straw Mozu Hanger with top buttons buttoned

Benefits of the Mozu Hanger

Learn how easy it is to use the innovative notch of the Mozu Hanger, and see how you can hang and remove clothing easily, without unbuttoning any buttons. The design of the hanger is so versatile, it works on children’s clothes too.

Mozu Hanger Features

The patented design of the Mozu Hanger offers a variety of features to make your life easier, while incorporating highly renewable bamboo and environmentally friendly wheat straw as the two primary materials.

  • Wheat Straw Hanger

    The Mozu Hanger Wheat Straw Features

  • Bamboo Hanger

    The Mozu Hanger Bamboo Features

Innovative Notch

The seamlessly integrated notch prevents the stretching of collars, making it possible to hang and remove most clothing with the top buttons buttoned (even baby clothes).

Slim Profile

The space-saving Mozu Hanger is thinner than standard wood and plastic hangers, maximizing your closet space.

Refined Shape

The meticulously designed shape maintains the shirt’s form and eliminates those hideous shoulder deformities we like to call “pokies.”

Eco-Friendly Materials

Our economical wheat straw material is lightweight, durable, and biodegradable, and our premium 3-ply, laminated bamboo is beautiful, strong, and renewable.

Pants Bar

Unlike in standard wooden hangers where pants bars are poorly affixed, the integrated pants bar of the Mozu Hanger won’t fall apart, and its tall profile provides added strength.

Swivel Hook

The swivel hook gives you the freedom to hang your hangers however and wherever you chose. It’s also shorter than standard hooks, giving you more space under your clothes.

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