Bamboo Mozu Hanger being used with baby clothing

The Mozu Hanger Press Kit

Press-ready images, logos and copy to bring the ingenuity of the Mozu Hanger to audiences around the world.

About the Mozu Hanger

From a long-lasting friendship that began in nursery school, to the company mission and purpose, the following PDF’s contain all of the information you will ever need to know about the Mozu Hanger and the people behind its creation.

Our Purpose

Our Story

About Us

Brand Assets

Here you will find high resolution assets for all of your print and digital needs. You are welcome to use any of our individual assets such as the Mozu Hanger logo, product photography, or lifestyle images, or you can download a compressed file of all of our collateral when clicking on any of the links below.


Mozu Hanger in shirt collar

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Mozu Hanger notch feature

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Quick Facts

  1. The Mozu Hanger will launch on Kickstarter in Summer 2020. Delivery is expected in late Fall 2020.
  2. The Mozu Hangers will be available in wheat straw and bamboo materials, which are both sustainable and eco-friendly.
  3. The Mozu Hanger team is comprised of two childhood friends originally from the suburbs of NYC. One is a designer and a US Army vet, the other is an engineer and an Air Force spouse, and both are passionate about creating innovative and sustainable products.
  4. The Mozu Hanger team is based in Central New Jersey and Northern California.
  5. The Mozu Hanger is the first of many products to be developed by the team under their company, Ensu Design, LLC.
  6. The Mozu Hanger is a beautiful, slim, Earth-friendly hanger with an innovative notch that revolutionizes the way we hang our clothes.
  7. The integrated notch feature in the Mozu Hanger can eliminate the stretching of collars and allows you to hang and remove shirts with even the top buttons buttoned for most shirts.
  8. The gradual curvature of the Mozu Hanger was meticulously designed to eliminate the hideous shoulder deformities that we like to call “pokies.”
  9. The Mozu Hanger can be used on both children’s clothes and adult clothes, even 6-month-old clothes!
  10. The Mozu Hanger design is so unique and innovative that it was awarded a US Patent.

If you have further press inquiries, please email us at [email protected]