Elegant Form, Superior Function

The Mozu Hanger combines elegance and versatility into one innovative design.

Mozu Hanger Image Gallery

Enhance your wardrobe with the beauty and simplicity of the Mozu Hanger.

Bamboo Mozu Hanger being used with full buttoned shirt
Wheat Straw Mozu Hangers on rod with button down shirt
Bamboo Mozu Hangers inside a travel suitcase
Bamboo Mozu Hanger being used on infant clothes
Bamboo Mozu Hanger in Woman's Dress Shirt
Shirt being removed from Mozu Hanger while hanging
Mozu Hanger with bamboo texture

Built for Sustainability

The Mozu Hanger is available in two different versions: highly renewable bamboo, and eco-friendly wheat straw. Both materials provide exceptional strength and durability and help minimize our impact on the environment. Our bamboo does not require the use of pesticides, and our wheat straw is an agricultural bi-product and a great biodegradable alternative to plastic.

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