About the Mozu Hanger

Learn more about the conception, design, and development of the Mozu Hanger, as well as the people and the core values behind it.

Our Story

In 2016, childhood friends Tim Lee and Michael Graham embarked on a mission to start their very own design company centered on innovation and environmental consciousness. Their first self-initiated challenge was to redesign the conventional clothing hanger. What originally began as an internal test project had quickly developed into a viable, marketable, and innovative household solution.

The problem statement was simple: plastic hangers are generally made from petroleum, and they typically end up in landfills. Therefore, the first objective was to make the clothing hanger more sustainable. Through extensive research, bamboo and wheat straw were determined to be extremely promising materials. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, and wheat straw is a strong and economical bioplastic that is comprised of 40% renewable material, making both materials ideal for an eco-friendly hanger.

The second objective was to identify a problem with conventional clothing hangers and solve it. The problem they chose was the stretching of tight-necked shirts and collars. By incorporating a notch into the body of the hanger, shirts could be slid past the center-point and removed with ease. This simple but highly effective solution eliminates the stretching of collars and allows for the hanging and removal of most buttoned shirts, even with top buttons buttoned. The design of the notch is so effective that it works on baby clothes as well.

An animated .GIF file of the evolution of the design of the Mozu Hanger

The design evolution of the Mozu Hanger.


Through refinement, prototypes, and evaluations, their design became what is now known as the Mozu Hanger, a beautifully designed, slim, eco-friendly hanger that revolutionizes the way you hang your clothes. “Mozu” (pronounced moh-zoo) is a modification of the word “Moso,” which is the species of bamboo most commonly used for manufacturing. Tim and Michael are excited to introduce the patented Mozu Hanger, and they hope that everyone will appreciate its beauty, functionality, and sustainability as much as they do!

Jig for profiling Mozu Hanger prototypes with a CNC router

Prototype Manufacturing

All bamboo prototypes of the Mozu Hanger were made in-house. The body of the hanger was cut from large sheets of laminated bamboo and then profiled with a CNC Router using a custom jig designed by Tim, our engineer.

Our Purpose

As designers and engineers, the Mozu Hanger team is committed to reshaping the world we live in for a more beautiful, more functional, and more sustainable future.

Mozu Hanger creators Michael Graham and Timothy Lee
The Mozu Hanger creators Michael Graham and Timothy Lee.

Our mission is to shape our environment through design and innovation. To accomplish this, we live by these three guiding principles:

Beautiful Design

Everything we create should instill within us a visual sense of passion and excitement, or else there is no sense in creating at all.

Innovative Functionality

Everything we create should serve a purpose, and we should constantly innovate to solve the problems in the world around us. Think outside the box, and don’t be confined to the norm. We need to question everything.

Environmental Consciousness

As stewards of our world, we must seek to use the most sustainable materials and processes possible to limit our impact on the environment. We must preserve our world for future generations to enjoy.

About Us

Timothy Lee engineer and co-creator of the Mozu Hanger
Timothy Lee is an engineer and co-creator of the Mozu Hanger.

Timothy Lee, Engineer + Co-Creator

Tim studied mechanical engineering at Columbia University in New York City and then headed off to graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle. Then, he followed his soon-to-be wife (an Air Force pilot) around the country and the globe. At first, he worked as a stress engineer in the aerospace and defense industry (Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems) on programs ranging from the 787 to the Space Shuttle to the JLTV military vehicle. After living in Japan for several years while his wife served in the military, he founded TimSpec Engineering, LLC, a product development and technology consulting company, which he continues to run. Tim is now a proud father of two young daughters and continues to support his wife as she pursues her Air Force career. He is excited to be working where his true passion is – innovating, creating, and making.  Learn More »

Michael Graham designer and co-creator of the Mozu Hanger
Michael Graham is a designer and co-creator of the Mozu Hanger.

Michael Graham, Designer + Co-Creator

Michael studied industrial design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for three years prior to enlisting in the U.S. Army. After serving on active duty for five years as a Topographic Analyst and completing two combat tours in Iraq, he returned to school to finish up his degree in graphic design at the Art Institute of Tampa. Around that time, he and his fiancée also welcomed their son, Peter. Michael began his graphic design career at several top media and marketing companies, including Specific Media, Edelman, Grapeshot, and Ogilvy CommonHealth. He then became the first graphic designer at Fine Minerals International, where he was responsible for the design and execution of all advertising and marketing materials as well as global event displays, packaging systems, product design, and web design and development. Michael continues to work as a graphic designer, but his passion remains developing creative and elegant solutions to everyday problems.  Learn More »


We all know that bringing a new product to market is challenging, and it certainly cannot be done alone. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us on our journey because we recognize that without their support and generosity, the Mozu Hanger could never be possible. Thank you!

Melanie Statlander & California Closets, Bernardsville – Filming Location

Gil Rivera & Alice Graham – Actors/Models

Steve Koshlap – Photography

Nick Rumaczyk & Peter Graham – Video Production

Bob Wolk, Gene Murtha & Steve Greenfield – SCORE Business Mentors

Eric Frankel – Consumer Behavior Consultant

Isla Innovations – Test Project & Initial Collaboration

And to all of our Friends and Family for their continued support